Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not in my America

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Can the unthinkable actually be happening? Is the Obama Administration employing Stalinist tactics of thuggery and intimidation against average Americans who oppose ObamaCare? Consider the following incident. When Barack Hussein Obama rolled into town for his - by invitation only - town hall meeting in Bristol Virginia, average citizens, desperate to make their voices heard, gathered on sidewalks and curbs along the route of Obama's motorcade holding homemade signs opposing ObamaCare. One of the peaceful citizen protesters sent this shocking eyewitness report to the Internet blog, "There were several vehicles following the limo that contained the secret service. The vehicles had all the windows rolled down, and back hatches open on the SUVs with the men holding their, I assume assault rifles, machine guns, drawn on everyone lining the streets. Needless to say, it took my breath away at the sight of them, and made my friends and I dizzy with fear.... I turned on a local talk radio program as we were leaving and all the calls were about witnessing the guns being pointed at them." Of course, we don't want to jump to any conclusions. There might have been a legitimate reason behind what appears to otherwise be an excessive show of force... we simply don't know. But even if the intent of the Obama Administration was not to oppressively stifle 1st Amendment rights... the message that was left is nonetheless chilling. Rosslyn Smith with put the incident in perspective: "Whatever it was, the message was poison. Only handpicked supporters were going to get into the carefully orchestrated media event at a Kroger deli that had Obama jetting in and out of the community. That all those who were left to peacefully demonstrate outside had been held at gunpoint is not going to be forgotten anytime soon by those in attendance." Thuggery? ... Veiled threat? ... Paranoia on the part of Team Obama? ... Legitimate and necessary safeguards to protect the life of the President against a real threat? We may never know. But there is one thing that we do know. Proponents of ObamaCare are showing a detestable contempt for the American people. They don't want to hear from you. They don't want to hear what you have to say when it comes to the government takeover of the health care system and they don't care what you have to say. Essentially, they are trying to tune you out.

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